Empowered Customer Service with Lyro AI Chatbot

Elevate your customer service with our free course. Empower your team with streamlined responses, reduced first response time, and efficiently managed conversations. Save costs and provide instant support 24/7 by automating up to 70% of all your communication. 
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What You'll Learn?

Revolutionize First Response Time (FRT) 

Uncover the secrets to achieving FRT rates of under 15 seconds, setting a new standard for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

AI-Driven Efficiency

Discover how to leverage AI to handle customer queries with unmatched speed and precision, ensuring that your team operates at peak efficiency.

Seamless Tidio AI Integration

Master the setup of Lyro for customer interactions that leave a lasting impression, ensuring your brand is synonymous with exceptional service.

Savings Without Sacrificing Quality

Learn how to save costs while providing top-notch customer support. AI enables you to handle increased volumes of inquiries without the need for hiring additional agents and providing extensive training.

24/7 Instant Assistance 

Learn how AI ensures your customers have access to instant support around the clock, providing them with the help they need, whenever they need it.

Elevate Responses with Advanced AI Features

Explore the capabilities of Reply Assistant and Smart Views, tools designed to refine your responses, align them with your brand, and prioritize urgent customer requests for maximum impact.

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Gain access to AI customer service knowledge


It’s Completely Free of Charge

Unlock the full potential of your Tidio account with free education. Get access to insights, empowering you to fully leverage Tidio's features.

Get Industry-Leading Expertise

Tap into Tidio's extensive experience in AI-driven customer service solutions. In every module, you receive the most up-to-date and practical knowledge.

Earn a Certificate 

Complete the course and receive an official certificate from Tidio. Elevate your achievements and showcase your expertise with our official certification.